Hood in BAD shape (4 Sep 2021)

Like many parts the 67.5 hood is unique and I have tried to find a better starting point. There was one available on the West Coast but shipping cost killed that.


Thick Bondo (4 Se 2021)

The entire front lip is all thick bondo.




Removing Bondo (5 Sep 2021)

I started removing all of the bondo to find the original hood letter holes.


Mounting Holes (5 Sep 2021)

I found all of the hood letter holes but both front corners are rusted away.


Stripping the underside of hood (11 Sep 2021)

Just like the outside I have to completely strip the inside of all the old paint and surface rust.


Trashed Corners (12 Sep 2021)

The two front corners were just destroyed by rust. They were just crumbled metal. The only option I had was to cut the rust out.


Donor Hood (12 Sep 2021)

I have several panels (just not the 67.5 hood). I took this off my race car since it had hood pin holes and I had a fiberglass replacement for that car.


Donor Hood (12 Sep 2021)

Cut same section from drivers side.


Welding Corner In (12 Sep 2021)

As I said many times...I don't weld well, but this part is so small I had to do small stitch welds back and forth to avoid warping.



Inside Repair (12 Sep 2021)

Same to the inside. The great thing was I used the cross reinforcement created by the original folds in the panel to align my repair pieces.


Lead (12 sep 2021)

Since my welding left some small gaps after grinding the weld, I used some modern lead to fill the weld.



Short Strand Filler (18 Sep 2021)

The metal repair was pretty decent, but I covered the repair with short strand filler as it stands up to moisture better and this was a butt weld that I couldn't completely grind on the inside due to shapes in the inside area.


Almost Done (19 Sep 2021)

To complete the hood repair I'm using a skim coat of filler to make sure the front is straight.



Drivers Side (19 Sep 2021)




Ready for Next Step (19 Sep 2021)

Hood is ready for final sanding and shaping when I complete the outside of the car.