OCT 06 tear down
DEC 10 engine/solex rebuild JAN 12 parts and body May 20 Frame/Chassis Nov 21 Body On
NOV 06 body dolly
FEB 11 front brakes & rims FEB 17 Pistons/ Jackshaft Jul 20 Flywheel/Engine on Chassis Jan 22 Cowl & Floorpan
DEC 06 exhaust out
JUL 11 front end complete MAR 17 Chains and Sprockets Aug 20 5 Speed Rebuild Mar 22 Body & Gas Tank
MAR 07 front axle
AUG 11 rear axles/carrier MAY 17 Head Install Jan 21 Exhaust, Headrest  
APR 07 frame coated
SEP 11 brakes and body JUL 17 Head Complete Feb 21 Doors and body work  
SEP 08 front end resto OCT 11 tranny and body AUG 19 Oil Pan Mar 21 Mikuni/Solex  
FEB 09 engine teardown NOV 11 exhaust & cooling DEC 19 Rotisserie Sep 21 Hood Repair  
NOV 10 engine rebuild JAN 12 parts and body APR 20 Undercoating Oct 21 Brake Lines and Paint Choice



SPL 311-11179 "The starting platform" 20/10/06

This 67.5 1600 is actually my 4th roadster out of six. I always wanted a 67.5 2000, but could never afford to actually purchase one. I had purchased my first 67.5 1600 in Hollywood, FL in 2000. That car came with lots of extra parts, but the frame was beyond saving. In late 2004 I found another 67.5 for sale in Atlanta, GA and bought the car site unseen. This car had the 67.5 headrest, while the first one came with the 67.5 sun visors and hardware...both of these pieces can be difficult to locate and expensive...I have seen the headrest sets sell for $500 plus on eBay.

SRL 311-00321 "The real 67.5 2000" 19/10/12

I have been working on the above car for years (between many deployments). A true 67.5 SRL can be hard to find as well as expensive. I was happy working on a 67.5 clone until I found this SRL available for sale in Georgia. I of course was deployed when it was offered, but thanks to an honest seller and my brother who lives in SC...I was able to purchase this SRL while in Afghanistan. This car had the complete Solex package, Headrest, correct dash, and a nice hard top and roll bar. The frame is in great shape, but there is serious rust on many of the body panels. The goal is to have the 2000's frame powdercoated and move all of the new parts to this car...thankfully the car I've been restoring is a 67.5 so every nut and bolt is a simple transfer.


Front 20/10/06

The car was in great shape for an East Coast car. Most of the primer was sprayed to cover surface rust. The hood front lip was damaged and the PO covered the holes for the DATSUN logo. The inside front lip of many hoods gets a small rust line along the front seam since the hood slants and opens forward...water seems to naturally collect at this point. I purchased another hood (in background), but will have to make modifications to the hood prop point. The hood props and slides varied between year groups as did the size of the front scoop.


Side 20/10/06

The 67.5 Roadster is referred to as a "low windshield" car among enthusiast. In 1968 Datsun had to meet the safety requirements of the DOT and raised the windshield height, but the 67.5 was the starting point to safer models with items like a dual reservoir brake master cylinder. The trim you see along the side in "Convex", early models 67' and under had Concave side trim and varied in length to match the cars front flares based on model years. The roll bar came with the car, but I have not decided if it will be part of the resto as I'm unsure of trimming the carpet and rear package shelf to accommodate it.


Dash 20/10/06

The 67.5 Roadster was the last model made with the flat dash. The 67.5 is easily identified by the black gauges and three center toggle switches. The 67.5 also had a locking steering column that wasn't found on earlier models. The 67.5 2000 had a unique Speedo (160 mph) and Tach (8000 rpm). The picture is of the 1600 gauges (120 mph) and (7000 rpm).

Dash 19/10/12

This is the 67.5 2000 Dash that came with #321...it is identical to the one above except it has the 160mph speedo and 8000 rpm Tach.