Straightening Line (2 Oct 2021)

Building all new lines for brakes and clutch. The bulk lines comes in coils so I had to starighten the line first.


Creating lines (2 Oct 2021)

After I had straight pieces that would fit in my flaring tool I started the rough bending.




Rear Brake Line (2 Oct 2021)

To create the bends I used springs over the line and formed the curves on the car. This is the start of the rear hard line to the flex line point.


Finished Rear Line (2 Oct 2021)

After bending on the car I covered with a protective SS sleeve and then installed the special purpose connector before flaring.


Final Fit on Car (2 Oct 2021)

Last check for proper fitting/length and then SS sleeve, flare, install..


Middle Rear Brake Line (2 Oct 2021)

After completing the rear line I made the middle rear line that installs along the frame.


Line Installed (2 Oct 2021)

Installed the line along the frame. The line is covered with SS rock gaurd sleeve and held in place with the frame tabs.


Paint Choices (16 Oct 2021)

So, I decided I needed to put the body back on the frame to do some panel gaps and the interior floor. It was time to select paint. I bought a pint of my 3 choices and painted an old trunk from the race car and laid my interior color against it.


Thunder Black (16 Oct 2021)

By far my favorite and a classic look with a red interior. My fear is I'm doing everything myself and my paint and body work will certainly show poorly with black paint.


Beige Grey Metalic (16 Oct 2021)

I was shooting for this color, but I hadn't seen a BGM colored Roadster with a red interior. Also, the color really picks up a green look in certin lighting.


Sora Blue (16 Oct 2021)

My paint store is a PPG dealer so I was able to get the colors by Datsun codes. The Sora Blue does look pretty good with red and chrome.