Temp Bracket (4 Nov 2011)

I wanted to run the engine on the frame so I could test everything and install the exhaust. I had already run the engine on a test stand, so I only needed to get the cooling system installed...the problem is the radiator is supported by the body...the solution...I welded up some spare metal and bolted the bracket to the body mount holes.


Radiator In (5 Nov 2011)

I painted up my bracket and test fit the radiator. I had the radiator recored and tested at Chatham Radiator.


U20 Shroud (6 Nov 2011)

This is a U20 fan shroud...I have two types....this one and one that has a wide top, but still has the same overall depth.


Out of the Blast Cabinet (6 Nov 2011)

I quick trip thru the blast cabinet and the shroud is ready for modification!


Removing Excess (7 Nov 2011)

I wanted to install an electric fan...The factory 7 blade fan is noisy and the newer blade styles are very quiet in comparison. I did want to maintain my stock shroud, so to fit the fan inside of it I had to cut off some of the mounting tabs.


Offset Tabs (7 Nov 2011)

After cutting off the tabs I did a quick test fit with the fan centered in the shroud (no go!). Since the shroud covers part of the top tank (which sticks out) of the radiator and the rest covers the core...the top of the fan hit. The solution was to offset the fan lower in the shroud. Here I welded some tabs on to hold the fan in the lower position.


Deep Inside Shroud (7 Nov 2011)

You can see how far I have the fan installed in the shroud...there isn't much space between the water pump pulley and the back of the fan so I wanted some extra clearance.


Very Slim (7 Nov 2011)

From the side you can see maybe a quarter of an inch of the motor shows....plenty of clearance with it installed like this and I get the benefit of a full shroud. These aftermarket fans come with plastic ties that you can simply run through your fins, but I imagine those could cause damage over time. Nothing touches the radiator with my setup but the original bolts that hold the shroud on.


Offset Low (8 Nov 2011)

Shroud painted and ready to install.


Final Position (8 Nov 2011)

You can really see the lower offset in this photo. Even though it looks low, the fan is actually centered on the core...the top blank area is across the top tank of the radiator.


Bolted To Radiator (8 Nov 2011)

Final test fit on radiator.


Fan In! (8 Nov 2011)

The fan is in and running (very quiet). I need to get a thermostat switch system for it, but that will wait until the body meets the frame.


Hanger (8 Nov 2011)

Slow day...painted the light hanger.


Reverse Light (8 Nov 2011)

I cleaned and painted the reverse light. While I had it apart I soldered new wires and installed a fresh bulb. It looks so good it made the installation nut look bad (I guess that will be coming off and run thru the home plating system).


Steering Lock (10 Nov 2011)

Waiting on some parts to come in for the exhaust so I started tearing thru some other parts; I used my dremel to cut slots on the anti theft bolts in the steering lock. Once there was a deep enough slot they came out with a standard flat tip screwdriver.


E Brake Handle (10 Nov 2011)

Digging thru several e brake handles to find one worth saving!


Release Spring (10 Nov 2011)

I took the best one and disassembled all of the moving parts and soaked them in evapo rust...they look real nice now!


Torn Rear Hanger (13 Nov 2011)

Well all of my exhaust hangers and bracket were trash...the problem is the rear hanger for the 67.5 is well over $120...crazy for a little piece of metal and rubber.


Blasted Plate (13 Nov 2011)

I blasted the plate that held the separated rubber, then held the rubber in position to find the bolts mounting position.


Same Height (13 Nov 2011)

I ordered a high heat insulator from McMaster (in my vendor section) that was the same height as the original. It has a bolt on one end and is internally threaded on the bottom.


Bolt Welded On (13 Nov 2011)

I bought a bolt that fit the threads...drilled a hole thru the plate then ran a thread tap thru...then cut the bolt even with the bottom and welded it in place.


Grind of Back (13 Nov 2011)

I flipped it over and ground the excess off.


Final Assembly (13 Nov 2011)

A quick shot of paint, and some thread lock before assembly.


Completed Rear Hanger (13 Nov 2011)

For less than $10 I have a new rear exhaust hanger.


Original Pretzel Bracket (15 Nov 2011)

I bought new isolators for the exhaust straps as well, unfortunately the factory straps will not fit over larger pipe.


Fabricated Pretzels (15 Nov 2011)

My solution was to cut my own Pretzel Straps... I bought some sheet metal and heated it and bent it over the pipe...then I simply laid the original straps over the metal and traced the pattern.


Test Fit Body/Frame (17 Nov 2011)

I bought a Wideband O2 system to tune my I made a template of the sensor so I could ensure it didn't hit anywhere.


Test Fit and Angle (17 Nov 2011)

The kit came with a weld in bung...the sensor must be installed at a slight angle...again using my cardboard 'sensor' I test fit before my final install.


Installing Bung (17 Nov 2011)

To install the bung a drilled a hole and then bored it out to an exact fit with my dremel.


Bung Zip Tied (17 Nov 2011)

I zip tied the bung until I ran a tack weld...then cut and completed the bead.


Sensor Position (17 Nov 2011)

Test fit the sensor and looks good!


Welding Reducer (18 Nov 2011)

Welded up an exhaust...the flex pipe was a 2 inch out and my system is a 1.75 ID system so I needed a small reducer to connect them.


Wideband Sensor In (19 Nov 2011)

Painted the exhaust, then installed the O2 sensor...also a great photo of my cut exhaust straps!


Control Panel (19 Nov 2011)

A quick test of the Wideband system...hit the power and it started to warm up and calibrate. I will need to roll the chassis outside in the morning and fire up the engine!

U20 Running on Chassis

Engine running on chassis (28 Nov 2011)

I'm just about done on the exhaust...this (link) is the engine running on the chassis. I have not installed the loop over the rear axle so part of the exhaust is just there for looks until I get the pipe bent. The engine seems to be running better and I've almost got the carbs adjusted according to the O2 sensor.