Frame Back From Powdercoat ( 5 May 2020)

Picked up my frame from Savannah Powdercoat.


Rear Section (5 May 2020)

The paint on the ground is internal frame coating. I sprayed everywhere I could get the hose in.



Pretty Smooth (5 May 2020)

I had ground down a lot of the sloppy welds and slag from the factory.


Old Horsehair area (5 May 2020)

I didn't strip the frame and didn't realize how bad the frame looked under the pads. I could have filled with body filler, but the pads will cover the area anyway.


Installing Body Pads (5 May 2020)

I put all new body pads on the frame. I used rubber from Grainger and cut to the correct size.


All Pads On (5 May 2020)

I glued all pads on with silicone..


Sealed Edges of Pads (6 May 2020)

To reduce the chance of water getting between the pads and the frame, I sealed all edges with a flexible sealer.


Oil Pan Protection (6 May 2020)

Before I took this frame to the powdercoater I wanted to install an oill pan protector. I emailed Spriso Motorsports to ask if I could copy his protector and he was very kind and said that's what the Roadster community is for. Unfortunately his beautiful work includes welding square tubing to protect the comp pan. Since I don't weld well, I installed threaded inserts to bolt my protector to.


SN ( 6 May2020)

I powdercoated the frame on my last build and it looked great, but it really buried the serial number. This time I asked them not to cover the SN. It's still pretty thick (enough to catch your fingernail).


Upper Spindle (9 May2020)

I got new upper spindles and bushings from .DRP.


Upper A Arm (9 May 2020)

Everything new to assemble onto housing..


Lower A Arm (9 May2020)



Lower A Arm Assemble (9 May 2020)

Since I have done this all before it was easy to repeat all of the steps.


Drivers Side Ready (9 May2020)

Drivers side ready for install. I was lucky that back in the day I had bought a few Pat M. bolt packs so everything gets new hardware.


Drivers Upper A Arm On (10 May2020)

Some people assemble both upper and lower off the car and bolt it on. I did upper and lower individually.


Drivers Side Lower (10 May 2020)

I connected the axle spindle at both ball joints and installed the shocks..


Front Springs (10 May2020)

I put comp springs over the newly made Koni's..


Steering Linkage (10 May2020)

Steering linkage will be connected to steering box. I was able to get new dust boots. I used aftermarket on my last build (they worked but I couldn't get them to seal in the groove of the joint.


Front Hub (10 May2020)

Front hub on and caliper housing. .


SS Brake Lines (10 May2020)

I used SS brake lines and the bends were perfect. I also put in speed bleeders while assembling.


Steering Box (16 May2020)

I have a few steering boxes. I pulled one that felt tight for dissasembly. The main shaft needed lots of cleaning. The bushing in the housing looked a lot better.


Steering Box Paint (16 May2020)

I covered all of the seals and gave ir a quick paint job.


Ready for Install (16 May2020)

All plugs and fittings back in and ready for install.


Steering Lube (16 May2020)

I made my own mix for my other car, but I would still get a leak. I found this semi fluid steering lube from a recommendation from a vintage restoration site..


Front Pass Side (16 May2020)

Same steps from the drivers side.


Idler Box (16 May2020)

I did the idler box the same way I did the steering box.


Finishing Up Pass Side (16 May 2020)

Pass front going in.



Bearing Spacers (16 May 2020)

I had bought bearing spacers for my race car, but since it seems like I will never get to it I decided to try them on the 67. They did make the bearings easier to preload and the hubs certainly spun longer.



Pass Side In (16 May 2020)

Finshed up the pass side and tightened everything up. I need to bend the tabs down on those upper bushings.


Steering Stops (16 May 2020)

On my last frame I had left my stops in and they got powdercoated in place. I painted this set up and the adjuster nut moves freely.


Center Link (16 May 2020)

Center link in. The front end is pretty much complete short of the front sway bar. I want to get the rims on first before I fight with the swaybar.


Rear Bilsteins Shocks (16 May 2020)

I had purchased a full set of front and rear Koni's. but when DRP offered up Bilstein's set to the type of spring and driving style I went with a set of JT's instead of the Koni's.


Rear Scrolls (16 May 2020)

To start on the rear axle I had to get the springs in, so step one is the rear scrolls.


Just Because (16 May 2020)

I was waiting on paint to dry (literally) so I put the reverse light on since it was there.


Mono Srpring (17 May 2020)

I bought a set of DRP rear mono composite springs. Jim worked with Flex-Form to create a great product.


6.14 Pounds (17 May 2020)

DRP's composite springs are LIGHT...I mean more than a third lighter than stock.


22.41 (17 May 2020)

My originals were 22.41 pounds each for a combined total of 44.82. The mono springs cut more than 30 pounds from the rear end!


Torque Bar (17 May 2020)

Installing on the rear axle. Early Roadsters didn't have these..


Longer Studs (23 May 2020)

Before assembling the rear axle I installed new longer studs offered by Dean. I had to modify the shank, but once done they fit nicely and will allow the lugnuts to have a few more threads to grab. I installed new brakeshoes and assembled the entire rear carrier.


Rear Brake Hub (23 May 2020)

Brake hubs on and you can almost see the length of the new studs.


Rear Wheels On (24 May 2020)

I put the rear wheels on...the front of the chassis is still on the dolly..


Front Wheels On (24 May 2020)

I got the front wheels on, but the dolley I built was just a tad too high so I jacked the frame up and pulled it out the side so the chasis rolls on the rims.


SS Rear Brake Lines (24 May 2020)

I bought SS brake lines from Datsun Don. I made my own last time, but his are so much better and fit perfect.


Rear End Done (24 May 2020)

Rear end complete. I just need to do the emergency brake lines that attach to the rear carrier and I'll be done.


DRP SS Exhaust (30 May 2020)

I've been a purchaser of many DRP products and I bought one of JTs SS exhaust systems when they 1st came out. I still have a few other DRP goodies to install as I get further along.


X Frame (30 May 2020)

The exhaust kit comes with the pipes already formed to fit through the frame. I bought a 2 inch system and it was tight to get them through the powdercoating.


Frame Tabs (30 May 2020)

When the frame was powdercoated the wire and brake line tabs lost their rubber coating, to solve this I melted new rubber on all of the tabs with a heat gun.