Stripping Trunk

As all section on the car I took the trunk down to bare metal as my starting point.


Inside of Trunk (5 Mar 2022)

I had stripped the outdide of the trunk and had worked on it and it oil canned bad. I'm stripping the inside and I plan to put some of the heat sound barrier I used on the interior to hopefully strengthen the trunk.




Hood Version 2 (5 Mar 2022)

I have worked my hood over and over and just can't get the alignment at the front. It was heavily damaged and I stripped the bondo and did some welding, but it was still off. I'm going to try this replacement.


Temp Dash (5 Mar 2022)

I am running the engine now so I made a temp dash to hold basic gauges so I can monitor performance.


Straighten Line (6 Mar 2022)

The fuel line I bought was coiled just like the brake bulk line so I simply straightened pieces long enough for each fuel section.


Copy Old Line (6 Mar 2022)

I had to create the brake lines, but I had saved all of the old fuel lines so I simply bent the fuel line side by side to the original line for an easy fit..


Fuel Filter Fitting (6 Mar 2022)

I cleaned up the special purpose connectors used on the fuel system and used them on my new lines that I made.


Strip Paint (12 Mar 2022)

I spent a fortune having a gas tank done at a Renu vendor and then a roadster list member showed me my pick up was wrong (very expensive mistake). Since I didn't like the look of the Renu service I pulled another tank and sealed with the POR 15 tank kit and cleaned the outside as well.


Cleaning for Paint (12 Mar 2022)

Outside prepped for paint.


Gas Tank Complete (13 Mar 2022)

Painted and spacer straps and float added .


Guide Coat (19 Mar 2022)

Guide coat on door repair. Also my "temp" gas tank that I connected to the front fuel line pending the actual gas tank install.



Gas Straps (20 Mar 2022)

I blasted the gas straps and recovered with strapping material. I installed the tank I restored..


Final Epoxyl (25 Mar 2022)

Since I cut through to base metal in some areas during blocking I decided to put another coat of epoxy primer to cover everything with one even coat.


Epoxy Blocked (26 Mar 2022)

I blocked the epoxy to flatten the area and to help provide a bite for the next phase.


Poly High Build (27 Mar 2022)

From the doors back I sprayed the car in a Poly high build primer. It looks pretty good for the amount of damage I pulled from the doors and the rear, but it will get another session of blocking, more surfacer, and then a urenthane high build before paint.



Rear End (27 Mar 2022)

Pretty close to done in back. I need to do inside trunk and probably another block sanding session.


Time to Finish Front (27 Mar 2022)

With the rear hitting the final stages its time to start working the front..