U20 off engine stand (18 Jul 202)

Assembling the Flywheel/Transmission to install engine on frame.


Engine Space Plate (18 Jul 2020)

The U20 has a spacer between the engine and transmission. It is a unique thickness to the U20.



JTs Aluminum Flywheel (18 Ju1 2020)

I bought one of JTs larger Alum Flywheels. I needed to buy a larger pressure plate and install a larger throw out bearing to match the pressure plate.


11.5 Pounds (18 Jul 2020)

So I have a few flywheels so I wanted to see the weight savings. I hung each on the same scale. The Aluminum one comes in at 11.5 pounds.


17 Pounds (18 Jul 2020)

I have a modified Flywheel that's been drilled and machined to remove weight.


22.5 Pounds (18 Jul 2020)

My orginal OEM Flywheel was 22.5 Pounds..


Flywheel On (18 Jul 2020)

Bolted the flywheel on. The transmission in the background will be a temp solution while I rebuild an early 5 speed.


Pressure Plate (18 Jul 2020)

Prssure Plate bolted on. I had the flywheel and clutch set balanced (balance marks alligned).


Engine Meets Frame (19 Jul 2020)

Used a temp transmission to bolt the engine onto the frame.


Thick Flange Headers (19 Jul 2020)

Installing a set of Deans large tube headers. They have a great thick flange that matched the intake perfect.


Alt Mount (19 Jul 2020)

Knocking out some low hanging fruit and installed the Alternator bracket.


Thermo Temp Sensor (19 Jul 2020)

The 67.5 had an early temp sensor that uses a screw vs. the push on plug found on later Nissan/Datsun cars.



Oil Pressure Can (19 Jul 2020)

U20 Oil pressure sensor is installed inline on the main oil gallery along the length of the engine.


Anti Seize (10 Jul 2020)

To put the Thermo Housing on...put some anti seize on the bolts as the housing will stick to the bolts and make thermostat replacement a real chore.


Thermostat In (19 Jul 2020)

I'm in a pretty warm area so I went with a 165 degree thermostat..


Sparkplugs and Wires (18 Jul 2020)

Finished up by gapping and installing spark plugs and wires.