Pass Side Motor Mount (8 July 2017)

I blasted and painted the motor mounts with the Nissan blue and plated the bolts.


Drive Side Motor Mount (8 July 2017)

I did the same for the drivers side, but it is only hung for now. The drivers side requires a spacer that tilts the engine just slightly. I am currently restoring the heat shield that is part of that spacer.



EI Dizzy (8 July 2017)

I bought an EI Dizzy from East Coast Roadsters. I already have one on my running U20, but I wanted to leave that engine complete at this time.


Dizzy O-ring (8 July 2017)

Before installing the new EI Dizzy I installed a new O ring in the tower. (Note the oil drain back tube)


EI Dizzy in (8 July 2017)

Since the engine was at TDC and the dizzy drive gear was at the correct 11:25 orientation, you simple align the offset tang on the dizzy and slide into place. Note: if all items are alligned correctly the dizzy pointer installs dead center of the advance/retard degree marks.


Rocker Arms (15 July 2007)

To install the head and work on the timing chains, I removed all of the rockers so the cam could turn freely. Once the chains were installed I couldn't turn the motor or I would have a difficult time setting the Dizzy. With the Dizzy now installed I can freely turn the motor and the timing is already set to TDC. To install each rocker you simply turn it's cam lobe straight up and slide the rocker in and adjust to cold lash.


Setting Valve Cold lash (15 July 2017)

There are two pieces used to adjust the valves. The bottom serves to lock the upper adjustment ball. I set the lash to Rebello's reccomendation of .008 cold.


Rebello Markings (15 July 2017)

Rebello marked the Intake lobes at .227 and the exhaust lobes at .224.


Head Complete (15 July 2017)

The head is complete and it's time to move on with getting the intake and exhaust parts completed.