Installing Exhaust (9 Jan 2021)

I had bought one of JT's 1st SS Exhaust Systems. Trying to figure out my flex connection and my O2 sensor.


Flex Pipe (9 Jan 2021)

I wanted the sensor close to the collector and have a large internal diameter to match JT's pipe..



Over axle pipe (9 Jan 2021)



Rear Resonator (9 Jan 2021)

SS Resonator. JT's system is very nice and simple to install with clamps..


Flex Pipe Finished (10 Jan 2021)

I ended up using a solid connector from Dean and welded a flex pipe to it..


No Welding (10 Jan 2021)

System installed with simple SS connectors, The onjly weldimg I did was the O2 bung and the flex pipe.


Full Exhaust (10 Jan 2021)

Completed system from header to tailpipe.


Oil Pan Gaurd (10 Jan 2021)

Prior to powdercoating the frame I had installed threaded inserts so I could bolt on an extended metal bracket to help protect the oil pan.


Protecter installed (10 Jan 2021)

Since my welding is sketchy I used the threaded inserts and bolts so this is easily removed.


Disassembling Headrest (10 Jan 2021)

The 67.5 has model specific headrest that were an option. After removing the rear plate you have access to the tabs that hold the cover on.


Headrest Foam (10 Jan 2021)



Headrest Stripped (10 Jam 2021)

Off to the powdercoater.



Back from powdercoater (23 Jan 2021)

I took in two sets so I could decide which to use... short vs. tall..


Short vs. Tall (23 Jan 2021)

So I read that one of the issues with the factory headrest is that they are too tall and too far back to actually provide any safety. I shortened one set to see if it will make them more usefull.



Short vs. Tall...and tilt! (23 Jan 2021)

You can clearly see they are shorter, but I also slanted the shorter set foward to bring it closer to the back of the seat..