Rear Jackshaft Bearing (6 Jan 2017)

Well years have passed and while I retired from the Military I took a job that keeps me away almost as much as those years in uniform. When I bought the real 67 2000 I knew I needed to rebuild the correct engine so I started another U20 (the one from the 67 2000). I had a machine shop bore the block 40 over and install the jackshaft bearings. The rear bearing has three holes that must line up.


Rear Softplugs (6 Jan 2017)

After verifying that the jackshaft bearing were in correctly, I installed the rear soft plugs so the block could be mounted on an engine stand..



Block Cleaned (7 Jan 2017)

The block was tanked and then the machine work was performed. I cleaned all the passages and prepped the exterior with some marine clean.


Block Primed (7 Jan 2017)

Block primed with high heat primer.


Block Painted (7 Jan 2017)

Block painted with Dean's Datsun blue paint..


Freeze Plugs (7 Jan 2017)

Installed new freeze plugs. The threaded plug is the main block water drain. Note: out of the bright sun the blue has that unique blue green look.


Rear Main Seal (8 Jan 2017)

Installed lower rear main rope seal.


Rop Seal (8 Jan 2017)

After soaking the rope seals in oil, I rolled them into place and then pushed them into the groove with a large socket. Note: a small anount is left above the main cap area to crush when torqued.


Main Bearings (8 Jan 2017)

Installed some oversized bearings as I had the crank cut 10 under on the rod and main journals.


Crank (8 Jan 2017)

When I had the block bored I had the crank cut and polished and had the rotating assembly balanced including the flywheel, clutch assembly, and crank dampner. The rods were also matched but they came with very close tolerences.


Main Bearings In (8 Jan 2017)

After seating all of the main bearings I put on some assembly lube and prepared for the crank.

Crank In (8 Jan 2017)

Installed the crank and placed the main bearings in their matched cap for installation.

Main Caps (8 Jan 2017)

Installed the main caps and gave a few taps on each end to seat the thrust bearing and then did a final torque to 65 ft lbs in three increments.

Crank (8 Jan 2017)

Although the U20 rods are plenty stout, I had one with a slight bend and by the time I got that fixed and had them balanced I would have been close to the cost of a set from Carl at New Datsun Parts so I went with his. I bought oversized pistons from Stan and had the tops and skirts coated at Swain Coatings.