Pass Door (6 Feb 2021)

Clearly the color was the Beige Grey Metalic. The 67.5 has a model year only inside door handle. Taking lots of notes as the doors will be completely stripped.


Factory Plastic seal (6 Feb 2021)

The openings still had the plastic glued over all of the openings.



Door Shipping Tag (6 Feb 2021)

I sharred this on the Roadster site. It appears that when the window got rolled down the original shipping doc was ripped and dropped in the door. The suggested price...$2621.00!



Pass Door Stripping (7 Feb 2021)

While the paint seems to come off easily, the original red primer is pretty tough stuff. I aslo wanted to clean up all surfaces to bare metal and epoxy prime for rust protection.



Pass Door Stripping (7 Feb 2021)

Continuing on all sections of the door. there are drain slots that look to be crusted over and obviously you want the door to be able to drain.


Pass Door Stripping (7 Feb 2021)

Ready for Epoxy.


Pass Door 1st Coat (13 Feb 2021)

Sprayed 3 coats of Epoxy to the entire door..


Pass Door Complete (13 Feb 2021)

Door came out great. Don't plan on the priner surface to the interior, but will hit it with 2k when I spray exterior..


Pass Door Hung (14 Feb 2021)

Pass door is on and moving on to drivers door.


Drivers Door (14 Feb 2021)

Will use the same steps on the Drivers Door.


Drivers Door (14 Feb 2021)



Drivers Door (14 Feb 2021)

Notice the pen...that's for taking notes for all of the parts in the door.



Tough Primer (14 Feb 2021)

I'm doing all of this myself, but if I had to strip a car again as I suggested when I did the underside, I would have the whole thing media blasted. I know it would cost less in time and effort then my one section at a time crawl.


Mirror Holes (20 Feb 2021)

Since I'm planning on fender mirrors I wanted to deal with the door holes now. I put a backing plate and spot filled the holes with my mig.



Mirror Holes (20 Feb 2021)

Quick shot with the grinder and it's ready for primer.



Door Damage (20 Feb 2021)

Well since the 67.5 door is unique, I'm stuck with working with what I have. When I stripped the door I found this.


Door Damage (20 Feb 202)

I ran into thick bondo on one of the fenders, but this takes the cake. The repair was actually hidden by the paint, but as soon as you remove the bondo you can see the rust that formed under it.


Thick? (20 Feb 2021)

So the solution was a grinding tool on my dremel...I didn't know what was damaged so I was taking small bites.


Damage (21 Feb 2021)

So my guess based on the crease down the front of the door that aligns with the front fender curve is someone opened the door too far and there was no door limiter installed. Doesn't look like collision damage as nothing else on the door is dented.


Dent Pulled (21 Feb 2021)

The crease was deep so I ran a line of spot welded studs right along the entire dent line and used a slide hammer. I ground off the studs and the door looked WAY better. On to epoxy and some surface correction.


Corrections before primer surfacer (27 Feb 2021)

Roadster doors are kind of funny as there is a row of spot welds across the bottom that will show if you take the body to bare metal. These are some small denst that I worked after the epoxy.


Corrections before primer surfacer (27 Feb 2021)

After blocking you can see the highs and lows at the bottom of the door..


Rear Panel (28 Feb 2021)

I had some dents around the gas filler and some small work on the trunk (very hard area on mine as it "tin cans" as I block sand causing the underside brace to create a solid line).


Rear Panel in Epoxy (28 Feb 2021)

Another rear panel issue that people handle different ways is the area by the rear tail lights. Both sides slope in slightly. Some people and probably most body shops fill the slight slant in to make the area flat. Should be ready for some primer surfacer and another round of blocking.