Fitting Rings (9 Feb 2017)

I had Engine Supply Machine Shop in Savannah, GA tank my block and bore it .40 over. I also had all of the internals balanced. I checked the ring gap prior to final assembly.


Ring Gap (9 Feb 2017)

Using a piston I slid the rings in and measured the gap to make sure I was within the recommended tolerance.



Complete Pistons (10 Feb 2017)

The pistons are .40 over Datsun standard flat tops. I bought rods from New Datsun Parts and had the piston skirts and tops coated at Swain. The pistons were lubed prior to compressing.


Rod Bearings (10 Feb 2017)

I lubed the rod bearings and using gloves spread the assembly lub across all bearing surfaces and then installed the pistons.


Clean Cyl and Ceramic Coating (10 Feb 2017)

First piston in and the cylinder wall looks good.


Connecting Rod pulled into place (10 Feb 2017)

The connecting rods came with ARP studs which made torquing a breeze. Here the rod cap is installed finger tight to make sure the bearings were in place prior to the torque sequence.


1 and 4 in (10 Feb 2017)

Piston 1 and 4 are in and look good, the crank journal needs to be at the bottom to install 2 and 3.


Pistons In! (10 Feb 2017)

All pistons are in and the rods have been torqued to final setting.


Oil Restrictor (11 Feb 2017)

The bottom chain tensioner MUST have this small restrictor installed to help create pressure. This is a small specialized piece that needs to be removed when tanking or cleaning the oil passages.


Crank complete (11 Feb 2017)

The crank is complete. Moving on to the jackshaft.


Jackshaft Bearings (11 Feb 2017)

I had the machine shop install the jackshaft bearings as they are one piece and press fit. The bearings have oil holes that must line up with the passages and the rear provides the oil to the top end so their allignment is crucial. Again, assembly lube and gloves to spread on bearing surface.

Jackshaft In (11 Feb 2017)

The jackshaft slides in through its bearings and floats in it's slot untill the gear pulls it into final position.

Jackshaft Retaining Plate (11 Feb 2017)

The jackshaft has a retaining plate that has two tappered phillips screws that keep it in place. This is the only place I've ever used my torque screwdriver.

Lower Chain Guide (11 Feb 2017)

To complete the block in preperation for gears and chains, I installed the lower chain guide. Many Roadster builders do not use the lower chain guide, but I have not had a problem on the other two U20's I built.