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Solex U20 running

U20 Solex Engine (2 Feb 2009)

I picked up this Solex U20 w/5 speed from Florida. I had previously bought a U20 (also in Fl...block on engine stand) and disassembled to "learn" about the engine. I grew up on 510s and the L series overhead, but the U20s two chain system with jackshaft was a whole new world to understand. The second FL engine ran, but had serious leaks and compression problems.


Solex U20 running (2 Feb 2009)

The link above is the Solex U20 running as I purchased it. It needed starting fluid to kick it over and ran very rough. After running I discovered a severe leak in the pass rear side of the head (turned out to be a broke head bolt that allowed water to leak across to the main oil passage). The engine also had low compression 120/110/110/105 from 1 to 4. The headers were rusted thru and the Solex's were rough to say the least.




Mikuni Solex 44 PHH Carbs (3 Feb 2009)

These are the Solex carbs that came as an option on the 2000 Roadsters. The upgrade kit came with the carbs,a 'B' Cam (higher lift/duration), and a larger sump oil pan. The 67.5 2000 also had the 8000 RPM Tach and a 160 Speedo to go with the performance upgrade. These are actually later style carbs as early carbs had two screws on the jet block (I had a set, but sold them as many have said the new style were easier to tune/adjust).


Bad Leak (3 Feb 2009)

After getting the engine to run using a Gary Boone EI dizzy (now available thru our vendors or directly at East Coast Roadsters), I quickly noticed a large leak in the back corner (as seen in the photo). I also had low compression in all four cyl, but the lowest was of course that back cyl (#4).



time chain
time chain top

Teardown of U20 (20 Feb 2009)

I had to tear down the engine I purchased due to a leak in the rear corner...the leak started from a broken head bolt. The engine was very corroded and the compression was very low.


Timing Chains (20 Feb 2009)

If you're lucky enough to buy new Nissan chains they will have "bright" links to help align them with their gears..if not you will need to link count and mark your replacement chains.


Chains removed (20 Feb 2009)

The top arrow is the oil restrictor found behind the lower chain tensioner, the small arrow is the main oil gallery plug...these plugs should be removed to clean the main oil gallery.


Main Bearing Caps (20 Feb 2009)

Prior to removing the woodruff keys off the crank nose count the shims that are in place...these are used to properly install the damper for fore/aft alignment.