Front Rotisserie Bracket (7 Dec 2019)

I wanted to do a full rotisserie restoration and the home made engine stand type seemed affordable and capable of handling the weight of the roadster. Mark Sedlack has a great write up on how he built his. I'm a poor welder, but I ended up putting grade 8 bolts through all connections as a back up.


Final Fitting (7 Dec 2019)

After painting the bracket I did a final fit. The bracket picks up two body mount spots per side.


Stripping Engine Bay (8 Dec 2019)

Stripping and sanding the engine bay sucks as there are brackets and supports everywhere. I stripped it and then metal etched it to stop flash rusting.


Engine Bay Primed (14 Dec 2019)

To stop the rust and to get a base for body work I Epoxy primed the engine bay and started to smooth the area.


Front Primed (15 Dec 2019)

I primed the remainder of the front and continued sanding and smotthing the engine bay.


Primed and Sealed (15 Dec 2019)

While working the front I sprayed a final coat of Epoxy on the inner front fender area.


Pass Side Body Work (21 Dec 2019)

The lower side rear is very wavy with lots of small dings (I believe it was years of stuff bouncing around in the trunk as most of the dents were pushed out).


Blocking area (21 Dec 2019)

Blocking to find high/low spots.


More Repairs (22 Dec 2019)

Found some low spots that showed up with blocking and feathered out some filler..


Wet Epoxy Just Sprayed (26 Dec 2019)

Just sprayed Epoxy over my work. This will probably be the final for this area and I will now spray with some High Build Primer Surfacer and block again. I got a new garage door for the is so nice to have windows and a bright colored door. The whole garage seems brighter.


Rear Rotisserie Bracket (26 Dec 2019)

I made the rear bracket out of the engine stand and metal tubes. The front is bolted to shift left/right. I attached the rear to the up/down slot. Using the two I was able to put the attachment tube in line and at the same height to make my center balance easy.


Front On the Rotisserie (26 Dec 2019)

My son and I lifted the front onto the engine stand.


First Flip! (26 Dec 2019)

We then lifted the rear onto its stand and rolled the body dolly out. I tried a quick flip just to check it, but I need to install the connecting tube so the two stands are linked..


531 (26 Dec 2019)

So I'm toying with Beige Grey Metallic (531). I have a PPG auto paint provider in my area for the 531 code. I want to paint the car Thunder Black with a red interior, but I worry about black with my home body work and paint. 531 is lighter and may show less flaws, plus based on areas I have found on the car it's this cars original color.