frame vin
ext front

Frame VIN (10 Dec 2006)

The VIN number is stamped in the frame on the driver’s side down rail. The location is accessible in the engine compartment, but the area seems to get covered with junk so it takes a little effort to actually see the numbers.


Exhaust Front (10 Dec 2006)

I'm taking photos of the exhaust so it will be easier to have the new exhaust copied while the body is off. The front section has a two piece hanger (which is broken). The rubber isolators seemed to be bonded to the metal back in the day. I will look for a modern replacement or buy an isolator that is threaded on two ends and drill new holes in the bracket. The oval in the frame is the limiting factor on the exhaust size. Some have altered their frame while they were at this point to allow a larger pipe.

ext middle
ext rear

Exhaust Center (10 Dec 2006)

As you can see, with the first turn of the wrench the middle hanger separated from the isolator pad. I think finding universal exhaust hangers will not be as hard as other pieces I've tried to source.


Exhaust Rear (10 Dec 2006)

This is probably the most important photo for the exhaust shop to reference from. I need them to be able to create the bend over the axle, but stay below the height of the frame to avoid rubbing on the body tub.

ext top
rear axle

Exhaust Top (10 Dec 2006)

This is a shot from the rear of the frame. I plan to have the new exhaust put in prior to dropping the body back on (that is only the plan for now)...I will have to see how things are looking later down the road.


Rear Axle (10 Dec 2006)

I jacked the rear axle up to take the weight of the axle and started to pull the shackle bolts. I have new comp springs and shocks for the rear, and I plan to pull the axles out and replace the bearings and collars. More to follow on that.