Bell Housing (1 Aug 2020)

Rebuilding 5 speed for resto. Bellhousing removed and disassembly started.


Center Carrier (1Aug 2020)

This box is pretty dirty, but seems rebuildable.



Tail cover removed (1 Aug 2020)



Early Servo Box (1 Aug 2020)

This is an early servo box (no Brass synchros).


Unsplinned 5th gear (1 Aug 2020)

Unsplinned 5th gear. Box looks like it was well used and the gear survived and the main shaft nut was still in place.


Check Ball plugs P (1 Aug 2020)

Small springs and ball bearings under each.


Shift fork roll pins (1 Aug 2020)

These small roll pins need to be driven out to remove forks.


Shift forks out (1 Aug2020)

Shift forks out, rear bearing, speedo drive gear. You will need good gear pullers and heavy duty c clip pliers.


Main Shaft nut removed (2 Aug 2020)

This servo box had the large single nut and it was still plenty TIGHT!


5th Gear Out (2 Aug 2020)

5th Gear Out and roller bearings removed the bearing sleeve looks good.


Main Shaft (2 Aug 2020)

The bearing sleeve is a tight fight to remove.


5th Gear (2 Aug 2020)

I sent my 5th gear to Jim at DRP to get welded.



Long Arm Gear Puller (2 Aug 2020)

I wish I would have taken better photos, but you can just see the deep tangs on the gear puller. You really need certain tools to complete these transmissions.


Front Side (2 Aug 2020)



Long Locking Plug (2 Aug 2020)



(2 Aug 2020)



(2 Aug 2020)



(2 Aug 2020)

Best advice if you want to rebuild one of these boxes is to get Scott's Roadster books as they have very detailed instructions.


(2 Aug 2020)



(2 Aug 2020)



(2 Aug 2020)



(2 Aug 2020)



(2 Aug 2020)


(2 Aug 2020)


Pressing Out Bearing (2 Aug 2020) .


Ready to Assemble (19 Sep 2020)

I bought Dean's 5 Speed gasket set and bearings. I had JT weld my 5th gear. I painted all of the cases and got gear lube and Swepco 201. I also have a stack of drawings and notes I made plus I had bagged and marked every piece as they got cleaned.


Main Shaft (19 Sep 2020)

Started at the front of the main shaft.


3rd Gear (19 Sep 2020)


Pressing on new bearings (19 Sep 2020)



Replacement screws (19 Sep 2020)

I ordered new screws from Nissan...they were so much easier to use with their head than the originals. I peened them after installing.


Main Shaft Nut Torqued (20 Sep 2020)



Dean's bearings (20 Sep 2020)


C Clip install (20 Sep 2020)

You need heavy duty pliers. This was actually one of the easy C Clips.


Bearing on (20 Sep 2020)


Speedo Drive Gear (20 Sep 2020)

The speedo drive gear locks on the shaft with a ball bearing riding in a groove. I used grease to hold the bearing in place until the gear was over it.


Almost Done (20 Sep 2020)



Tapping Shift Forks In (20 Sep 2020)



Bolting on Rear Housing (20 Sep 2020)


Installing Speedo Drive (20 Sep 2020)

Of note: the clutch fork grommet in my kit would not fit the thickness of my bellhousing. I even tried installing from the inside as seen in photo (I ended up using my old grommet).


Original Throwout Bearing (20 Sep 2020)


New Bearing (20 Sep 2020)

I bought JT's large flywheel and it needed a bigger clutch pack and throw out bearing.


Pressing on New Throwout Bearing (20 Sep 2020)



Clutch Fork (20 Sep 2020)

I put some grease on the fork pivet and installed. .


Ready to Install (20 Sep 2020)



On Chassis (26 Sep 2020)

I had an unrestored 5 speed on to install the engine so I simply lifted the rear of the engine and changed out 5 speed boxes.