Single Groove Pulley (24 Aug 2019)

The 67.5 U20 had a single groove pulley as the later water pump pulleys were two grooves to drive the air pump.


Comp Oil Pan (24 Aug 2019)

Just like my clones U20, this engine has the comp oil pan. I cleaned the pan and the gasket surface.



JT's Oil Baffel (24 Aug 2019)

I have lots of Jim Tylers parts from Datsun Restoration Products. This is his replacement Oil Baffle for the comp pan. The original baffle is prone to cracking at the mounting points as you can see in the photo.


Solid Baffle Construction (24 Aug 2019)

DRP's baffle is a solid piece with a perfect copy of the original.


Perfect Fit (24 Aug 2019)

The insert was an exact fit and every mounting point alligned perfectly.


Reinforcement (24 Aug 2019)

The insert has a reinforced mounting points to avoid the issue that could occur in the original design.


Bolts vs. Studs (24 Aug 2019)

I removed my studs from the block and used bolts instead. The studs are nice for holding the pan up initially, but working with the bolts is just easier for me.


Pan Complete (24 Aug 2019)