Frame build

Frame Powdercoated (6 Apr 2007)

Well it's been awhile since I did anything, I was waiting on the frame. I had the frame cleaned, dipped, and then powder coated by Savannah Powder coat. They did an excellent job, and took extra care to plug all threaded holes and even taped off the rear shock mounts prior to powder coating. This new coating should last the rest of the cars life, or at least outlive me. The frame fit nicely into the bed of my truck for delivery. I will dig up the photos of the transfer. The frame was gone for a few weeks, but the results were worth the wait.


Frame Front End (6 Apr 2007)

I went with a semi gloss chassis black, I'm not sure what the original color ever was (all of my Roadsters had rust colored frames). I figured the color would blend perfect with the planned color of the car (Black), plus the semi gloss surface should make cleaning the undercarriage easier.

front end start


idle box

Front End Parts (6 Apr 2007)

I snapped a quick photo to see what the restored parts will look like with the finished looks like it will all combine with no problems. The suspension parts I did with POR-15 and Rust-Oleum HPE seem to be a perfect match with the semi gloss powder coat.


Idler Box (6 Apr 2007)

OK, I'm leaving for another tour in Iraq and I really wanted to see one of the restored pieces installed, so I broke open my Pat Mahoney bolt pack and dug out the Idler Box bolts and officially started the rebuild. The box lined up and bolted into place without any problems. I installed the idler arm and called it a day.